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Reiki is perhaps the gentlest and most practical healing therapy in the world. A form of vibrational healing developed in early twentieth-century Japan by a lifelong spiritual aspirant named Mikao Usui.

The exact mechanism by which Reiki works is unknown, but scientists, who have witnessed the power of Reiki, propose that energy flows can be manipulated, both in person and at a distance, not dissimilar to the principals of quantum physics.

Reiki involves the light laying of hands (with or without touch) on different energy points around the body. The least intrusive and most relaxing of the complementary healing practices, Reiki restores balance to body, mind, and spirit.



At Reiki For Health, Traci will guide you on your unique journey through distance or 'in person' reiki healing. Both techniques help release blocked energy, restore balance and improve functionality where you need it most. You may experience new internal realisations that result in positive change and growth, typically bringing rapid reduction in stress and relief from pain and anxiety.

Throughout her life, Traci’s inherent healing touch has been affirmed by other spiritual healers. It wasn’t until she was faced with her own life-threatening illness that she fully understood the power of reiki and its ability to help heal. It then dawned upon her that she could potentially help others, combining her natural healing touch with the power of a well-established spiritual technique such as reiki.

Traci did her Reiki Masters 3A degree in Indira Nagar, Lucknow India. She has been developing her gift of healing over the past 4 years and thoroughly enjoys witnessing the transformations in her clients' wellbeing and life energy.


Reiki may help support the healing of anxiety, depression, insomnia, physical illnesses, muscle tension and promotes well-being, immunity, & much more...


"It's unclear to me what is responsible for Traci's ability to relieve stress, anxiety, pain and many general ailments, both minor and major. It could be her inherent caring and empathetic nature or her years of experience as a Reiki master practitioner. Regardless, she has helped me through both physical illness and immense psychological stress on many occasions. Indeed, Traci has shown inexplicable intuition in knowing when I have pain or stress even when I am overseas, then helping me with distance Reiki.

I recommend Traci without reservation, to anyone who has been frustrated with the limitations of modern medicine, the side effects of prescription drugs, the lack of empathy and an holistic approach from primary care practitioners or simply anyone who needs a helping hand to cope with the stress of our fast pace lifestyle."

Professor Charlie Teo AM NEUROSURGEON

Reiki Treatment
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