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Reiki for Animals

Traci, almost 28 years vegan, an active animal rights activist, a director of an animal sanctuary (Zambi Wildlife Foundation), owner of Miyow & Barkley (Designer Pet Accessories), a carer and rescuer for wildlife with WIRES and a qualified BLS instructor for animals, has combined her passion for animals’ health and well-being with Reiki. She offers both distance and in person reiki healing for sentient beings from all walks of life.



The benefits of Reiki may not always be obvious, either in animals or humans, but there are many to be had.


Reiki can help:

         Ease pain.

          Boost the immune system.

 Calm a nervous or an emotional habit.

         Aid your pet in accepting a new member in the family, including other pets.

Restore and maintain good eating and sleeping patterns.

Calm them before going to the vet’s, or on a trip.

         Decrease healing time after surgery or illness.

         Remove emotional or psychological blocks that are impeding physical health.

         Reduce anxiety or stress levels and promote relaxation.

         Enhance well-being.

         Rebalance the energy system and provide relaxation.

 Maintain a level of contentment and peace.


Animals who benefit from reiki are usually the ones who would prefer a ‘stranger’ doesn’t invade their personal space, let alone touch them. This is why, more often than not, distance reiki can be more beneficial.

If your pet does welcome the presence of a stranger, I usually like to start by sitting on the ground and inviting them to share in the Reiki session. If they choose to approach and appear okay with my touch, I will then try placing my hands in a series of positions that are comforting to them.


During a reiki session, your pet may experience sensations like tingling, a deep sense of relaxation and pain relief.


You may not notice obvious changes in your pet after a Reiki session. That doesn’t mean Reiki isn’t working, as the benefits may be delayed and covert in some animals. There are probably small changes or adjustments that you can’t see or feel that will come to realisation with the passage of time.

I have noticed that Reiki provides our pets with a similar sense of wellbeing and tranquility, as it does for us. My own fur babies seem to benefit simply from being in the space where I practice Reiki, even when I’m not “giving” them Reiki. Similarly, my personal sense of well-being is in turn enhanced in the presence of animals who are content.

I recommend using animal reiki treatments to compliment your regular Veterinary Care.

“Transformation is always an inside-out process.” Heidi DuPree

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